Monday, 6 May 2013

Kit Links 5 - Bank Holiday Edition

photo credit: superba_ via photopin cc

After the usual Bank Holiday weekend spent keeping up to date with football scores while enjoying a 99 in the park I thought it was time to do a bit of a kit round up.

A great video over at Live for football shirts of a Flamengo shirt being tested to the limit which puts in perspective the worry over how much 'bobbling' a shirt might have when placing a bid on eBay. On a side note it is a bit sad to see Olympikus being replaced as shirt manufacturer though not really a surprise.

The Daily Mail did a pretty random article on famous shirt swaps over the years, though I didn't realise this tradition could be traced back so exactly to England France match in 1931.

Not football related but this article in the Belfast Telegraph brought to my attention the fact that Rory McIlroy will not endorse an alcoholic beverage. Though after seeing those Santander TV ads I am just hoping he gives the 'acting' a miss for a while.

And a great post over at the ever excellent Hull City Kits about the perils of changing team colours and the conclusion that "A football club is not just a business or one man’s toy, it is a beloved civic entity with an identity that matters to many" is hard to argue with.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Kit Links 4

The latest round of kit related stuff I have spotted on the web recently:

Handy tip for increasing the range of your shirt collection over at 101GreatGoals: either become a well known rapper or the Pope to have free shirts galore!

The Birmingham Mail has the story of signed Aston Villa and Republic of Ireland football shirts stolen in Walsall burglary which is every shirt collectors nightmare.

An interesting piece over at Philadelphia Business Journal giving an insight into the Philadelphia Union's strategy for their third kits and I like that they used an old Bimbo logo. And Sporting KC have a new third kit which you can see over at SB Nation and the argyle style reminds me of a Marseille shirt from a few years ago.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Kit Links 3

Another few articles that have caught my eye lately starting with Football Shirt Friday which happened last week and seems like a good way to use your footie shirt to raise money for a good cause.

A story from the US where a t shirt for the Portland Thorns has caused a bit of controversy  in terms of how women's football teams are marketed.

A Fukin great read over at Soccer Nomad with another great name to have on your shirt to add to the greats of Kuntz, Jancker and Arce.

And an interesting tale of conflicts over shirt colours in Auusie rules football over at Roar.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Kit links 2

I thought it was time to do a quick round up of kit related happenings that have caught my eye and where better to start than with last weekend's kit clash which resulted in case of seeing of double in the Crystal Palace and Barnsley match. On the back of this Anorak has a nice little history of kit clashes over the years.

The Guardian posed the question Should we avoid buying football kit because of the logos and sponsorship? The answer for me would be sadly 'no' due to my football shirt addiction.

The Perfect Hat Trick has a short chat with Swansea kit man Michael Eames about his job. Apologies for that terrible pun.

There seems to be a lot of justified Admiral love going on these days and Planet Mondo highlights a classic shirt and bag from the brand. Also some great moustache action there as well.

And finally Portland Thorns FC have launched their new kits by Nike for the NWSL which look rather smart to me.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Kits Links

In a bid to stop me from being incredibly lazy and posting individual links as separate posts I am going to gather together a few interesting kit bits and pieces I have seen this week:
photo credit: BotheredByBees via photopin cc

I love this retro AC Milan shirt from Football Fashion Boutique and in particular the rather tiny Adidas trefoil which is so early 80s to me.

The BBC Sport website has a nice wee gallery of iconic football kits this week as well which also inspired quite a few tweets under the hashtag  #myfirstfootballkit which is worth checking out.

And there was a nice story on an auction of football shirts to raise money for a scholarship for the victims of Sandy Hook shooting.

Have a great weekend!